.yotta_ignore Reference

A .yotta_ignore file can be added to any module or target to make yotta completely ignore any listed files. Listed files are ignored when auto-generating build files, and when publishing to the registry (but note that custom CMakeLists files may still refer to ignored files).


Glob-style syntax is supported, with one pattern per line in the ignore file. Lines in the ignore file starting with # are comments and will not be parsed by yotta.

Any file or directory that matches any pattern in the ignore file will be ignored.

Any files within an ignored directory will also be ignored.

  • * matches zero or more of any character, but does not match a directory separator
  • ? matches any character exactly once, but does not match a directory separator
  • [] matches any character within [] exactly once

If a pattern starts with a / then it is an absolute pattern, and the whole path relative to the root of the module must match.

If a pattern does not start with a / then it is a relative pattern, and will match files and directories with any parent hierarchy.

Note that with the relative pattern b/c, and a directory hierarchy a/b/c/d/e, the whole of the directory c (including any subdirectory d) will be ignored.


  • Ignore all files in test/bar/: /test/bar/*
  • Ignore all .tar.gz and .tar.bz files in the root directory: /*.tar.[bg]z
  • Ignore all .swp files everywhere: *.swp
  • Ignore all dotfiles files everywhere: .*

Always-Ignored Files

Files matching some patterns will always be ignored by yotta, whether or not a .yotta_ignore file is present. This list currently includes:

/upload.tar.gz /upload.tar.bz /.git /.hg /.svn /yotta_modules /yotta_targets /build .DS_Store .sw[ponml] *~ ._.* .yotta.json